The manufactured crisis in Isreal — Gaza

This war could have been avoided.


Is Biden’s decision to withdraw from Afghanistan right?

A brief account of USA’s involvement in Afghanistan


The Farmers at Delhi border

The farmers have been protesting for too long and we don’t know whether the government has been listening.


Ending of the blockade of Qatar

Here we look at the ending of the blockade of Qatar and the role of the Jared Kushner and Donald Trump.


The Farmers Agitation and Government’s Response

For more than a month the farmers have been in the open air protestinng the three acts.


An alternative strategy for India to become permanent member of Security Council.

India needs to change its startegy to succeed.


India-China continued

An update on the current crisis.


India China Confrontation — the latest

The latest about the India China confrontation.


China India, the latest

Meeting between foreign ministers in Moscow.


Current state:India-China Confrontation

The Defence Ministers met.What next?


President Biden’s foreign policy agenda

What Biden should do to resume America’s leading role


Why did Truman use atom bomb against Japan?

Truman used the bomb against Japan also as a warning to the Soviet Union.


Did the atom bombs cause the surrender of Japan?

Japan surrendered after Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but not because of …


US-China Cold War Part II

The new cold war. What should India do?


China – USA Cold War Part I

Here we look at the cold war between the US and China.


Chabahar: Has India lost to China?

Iran has edged out India from the transport corridor from Chabahar to Zahedan and beyond. Iran is disappointed with India.


Future of China-India relations

The India-China face-off de-escalation, disengagement, and withdrawal.


India-China Face-off the latest

What next after the talks between the two Special Representatives?


PM’s visit to Ladhak

The impact of Prime Minister’s visit to Ladhak.


Did Nehru reject Security Council permanent seat?

Incorrect history is being popularized about Nehru.


India-China crisis

Assessment of what is happening between and China and India.


India-China Face-off: Could India have done better?

India could have responded better to the killing of its soldiers in the night of 15th June 2020.


George Floyd and the conscience of humanity.

The protests are worldwide and are having an impact.


America’s democracy on trial

President Trump has dealt with the crisis arising from the murder of George Floyd with unpardonable irresponsibility.


Trump offer to mediate between India and China.

Trump’s claim to have offered to mediate is disingenuous. An in-depth look at the border tension.


Border tension between India and China.

There is tension between India and China over the border. Will there be war?


What happned at WHO? China’s victory and US’s defeat.

China outsmarted the United States at WHO. Trump had better cards than Xi Jingpin who finessed to perfection in diplomatic bridge.


Make in India (Defence)

Why India is not self-reliant in defence and why India should make itself self-reliant. Make in India plus think in India.


Covid 19 Lockdown India

The question is whether India’s lockdown has helped in containing the contagion.


Evacuation of Indians from the Gulf

India has started evacuating thousands of its nationals from the Gulf. Some questions are being raised.


Covid 19: Trump vs. China

Will the current confrontation survive after the Presidential election in 2020?


Covid 19: irresponsibility of China and WHO

The unfolding Covid 19 tragedy could have been and should have been prevented.



A Walk Down Memory

With Mr. George H. W. Bush,
Former President,
United States of America

Sharing a moment with
Mr. Oscar Luigi Scalfaro,
Former President, Italian Republic

A blessed moment - meeting
H.H. John Paul II
in Vatican City